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Unveiling of Tombstone Messages and Quotes Bloemfontein – Designing a tombstone for the memory of a loved one or friend is not something that can be done lightly; we have the experience to help you find the perfect design and also to help you decide on the most appropriate message or quotes to include on your beautiful tombstone.

As the premier supplier of tombstones and gravestones in Bloemfontein, and with a full design and manufacturing service in-house, we can help you create a fitting memorial, one that will last a lifetime and help everyone remember the deceased.

The unveiling of a tombstone, and the quotes therein, is a poignant moment, and we want to make sure that yours makes the right impression. We offer a selection of popular quotes that appear on tombstones, or we can also help you with a personal quote or message that is unique to the individual. We are specialists in tombstone unveiling messages, and can make sure that your ceremony goes as planned and will be remembered by all.

We can offer you a selection of beautiful standard tombstone designs from our catalogue or we will help you design a bespoke tombstone to your specifications. With many years experience in helping clients devise tombstone messages, we understand the tone and style required for the best impact.

We also recommend that you choose the stone used to create your tombstone carefully; our craftsmen have plenty of experience in the use of granite, a beautiful and durable material that is traditionally used for tombstones.

If you have an idea of the tombstone message you wish to use, or if you are looking for inspiration, contact us right away, and we will quote you the very best price in Bloemfontein for a quality headstone and message.

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